Sarah Dean

Sarah Dean

Tour Coordinator

Skier or snowboarder

Skier. My attempt at snowboarding was not entirely successful!

Best mountain moment

Parapenting in Valmorel, floating high over the mountains – parachute and instructor firmly attached! Was certainly unforgettable.

But on a day to day basis, relaxing with a beer in the mountain sunshine after a day on the slopes is pretty hard to beat!

Ski/ boarding history

A relative late‐comer in my twenties, I first took to the slopes in the northern French Alps and have since been testing instructors' patience and discovering the joys of the mountains in various resorts across Europe and recently Canada.

Resorts visited in 18/19

I was lucky enough to visit Whistler and – a long held dream – Vancouver in December 2018, plus a long, fun weekend at Easter in Myrkdalen and Flåm, Norway.

Next trip

Still to plan, but any resort with lovely long blue/red runs and a couple of bars will be perfect! I am also looking forward to a long weekend with friends in Bulgaria.

Interesting fact

My grandmother was the very first woman at Brighton Swimming Club. It must be in the genes as I swim every morning at my local pool come rain or shine (or a late night)!

Top ski trip recommendation

If you can spare the time, take an extra day or two to tag on a city stopover – especially if you're travelling long‐haul. A great way to round off a holiday, an iconic city can be so much more than just a gateway.