Giving Back

We are passionate about the mountains and our industry and feel it is important to give something back.

We wanted to get more people participating in snowsports, particularly if they may not have had the opportunity to do so before.

We found Snow-Camp!

We have been working with Snow-Camp since 2012 and in January 2016 announced a £50,000 contribution to allow Snow-Camp to expand their programme to Bristol. We followed that up in 2017 with a £125,000 development fund to further support Snow-Camp's growth over three years.

We have a great partnership with the Snow-Camp team and are very pleased to be supporting them do their unique and valuable work.

About Snow-Camp

Snow-Camp is an innovative youth charity that uses a unique combination of skiing, snowboarding and life-skills programmes to support inner-city young people.

Their programmes enable young people to grow in confidence and self esteem, develop as individuals and make positive choices for their lives.

Snow-Camp programmes also enable young people to reflect on the key issues impacting their day to day lives, and help them develop new skills to support their futures - particularly towards careers in the snowsports industry.

The charity has grown steadily from 2003 and now works with at least 400 young people each year across 12 London Boroughs. Their vision is to expand Snow-Camp to other cities across the UK and bring the success of their approach to benefit many more inner-city young people.

How we're supporting Snow-Camp

We support young people in their journey through Snow-Camp's full programme over one life changing year. The bursary takes a young person from first accessing skiing or snowboarding on one of our introduction courses, all the way through to a qualified level 1 Snowsport England ski or snowboard instructor.

Meet Deana, Tyler and Jeremiah:

Deana Irwin, 16, Camden

"Wow I am so happy to have passed my Level 1 Snowboard Instructor Qualification! Thanks to everyone at Ski Safari for supporting me to get through Snow-Camp, it really has changed my outlook on life and now I really want to apply for the Snow-Camp Apprenticeship so that I can use my new skills to instruct others at Snow-Camp and hopefully one day get a job in the snow industry. Thank you!"

"I was really nervous about the live teaching weekend, as I was instructing people I had never met before but once I got into it, it was great fun. Thanks again Ski Safari for believing in me to get this far."

Tyler McBride, 16, Redbridge

"The opportunity your company has given me to advance in my snowboarding career towards becoming an instructor, is unlike any other opportunity I have been given before. Without your funds I would not be able to be in this position with Snow-Camp. Today, down to your input I was able to progress in my boarding skills to make the next level and make it down the slope without falling! Thank you."

Jeremiah, 15, Lewisham

"I just wanted to say thanks for giving me such a unique opportunity. Not many people get chances like this and I want to let you know that I am very grateful. So far, I have been making great progress in terms of my snowboarding all thanks to you guys! Thank you."

Fundraising Events

We will be supporting Snow-Camp's fundraising efforts which include a variety of exciting challenges from cycling to marathon running, from trekking the UK's 3 highest peaks to skiing or snowboarding a total of 150km over 2 days, plus many more! We will keep you posted of upcoming events...

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