Mt Bachelor Resort Guide

Insider tips from our team

The Skiing

The skiing in Mt Bachelor is big (the sixth largest in the US we've heard, but certainly the largest in the Cascade Range) and unusual in that you can ski in all directions from the summit. The top section is wide open go-anywhere terrain with a great mix of bowls, chutes and gullies. Then about a third of the way down the trees start. Sparse to begin with (great for easy tree-skiing) they get thicker as you go down... and at the bottom the runs wind through the forest. There is a good, but not steep, pitch most of the way down, flattening off towards the bottom.

Intermediates are very well catered for. There are quite a few steeps for experts, but the main attractions for good skiers and boarders are the plentiful off-piste terrain, regular powder days and the tree-skiing which is truly superb.

On Mountain

Make use of the excellent Mountain Host programme to have a free tour of the hill.

The resort has an 'In Bounds Hike Zone' known as the Cone - it is an easy walk up which rewards you with 20 or 30 turns of perfect powder.

If you like riding park, this is a great spot - Bachelor has a dedicated park zone with clearly-signed features in distinct Small, Medium and Large zones. You can move up the zones as your skills improve and the air gets bigger!

The Snowblast Tube park is just that - a blast in the snow! Great fun for all the family.

Off Mountain

Crater Lake - 2 hours south of Bend, this 6 mile-wide caldera is a truly remarkable sight. Formed by the eruption and collapse of Mt Mazama 7,700 years ago, it has deep, very blue water. Check access details before you travel from Bend as the park facilities are closed in winter, although the lake can be accessed on cross-country skis or snowshoes.

Volcanic scenery - the area is covered with volcanic peaks, cinder cones, lava flows, waterfalls, rivers and lakes. Pick up a leaflet locally and spend a day exploring the area.

High Desert Museum - about 10 minutes drive south of Bend this excellent museum covers the surrounding landscape, its people and wildlife.

Golf - Bend and the surrounding area have numerous world-class golf courses. If you travel late in April, the courses will be opening for the summer - ski in the morning, play golf in the afternoon!


Resort Map

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Trail map

Resort Map route map

Resort Stats

November to May
Nearest airport
Flight time
Varies - approx 12 hours
Direct flight
Transfer time
3 hours
Car hire
9,065 ft
Vertical drop
3,365 ft
Avg snowfall
38.5 ft
Ski area
4,318 acres
Ski lifts
20% expert 30% advanced 35% intermediate 15% beginner
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