Riksgränsen Resort Guide

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The Skiing

Riksgränsen’s unique location receives the highest amount of precipitation in the whole of Sweden, coupled with an unrestricted heli-skiing drop area the size of a small country - the Netherlands in fact - you have some amazing snow conditions and terrain!

To get the most out of Riksgränsen’s amazing mountains you definitely need a guide and a helicopter. The heli-ski area is vast - over 100 different peaks to choose from and you can expect to be able to ski around 5 in a day! If heli-skiing is not for you then there are some excellent ski touring options plus snow and avalanche courses.

This resort is also a renowned freeride mecca and annually hosts the Scandinavia Big Mountain Championships. Held in mid May this is one of the last major events in the winter calendar attracting some of the world's best freeriders.

The resort of Björkliden is only a 30 minute drive away by free shuttle and is included on your Riksgränsen lift pass.

If that’s not enough to get you excited, Riksgränsen is in the heart of northern lights (aurora borealis) territory and you can visit the spectacular ICEHOTEL® from here as it is only a short day trip away. 


For the ultimate experience, you have to try heli-skiing from Riksgränsen. The heli-ski zone extends about 300 km from east to west and some 200 km from north to south - around 60,000 square km or nearly 15 million acres! This area has more than a hundred peaks to choose from and is the largest wilderness area in Europe.

Group sizes are small - only five guests per mountain guide ensuring minimal wait time and max vertical. The mountains in the area close to Riksgränsen provide 700-1000 m vertical and, if you fly to the more remote areas of Mårma and Kebnekaise, you get up to 1500 m vertical.

Northern Lights and Non-Ski Activities

The Abisko National Park is easily accessible by road from Riksgränsen and provides an ideal opportunity to appreciate the outstanding beauty of Lapland. The Abisko Mountain Station is also considered one of the best places in the world from which to view the Northern Lights phenomena, making it a must-see for any visitor to Riksgränsen.

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush then there are plenty of snowmobiling tours taking advantage of the extensive snow-blanketed terrain. For a closer experience to nature, take a dog sledding trip and mush your own team of huskies through the Arctic landscape.

We can book some of these directly for you - speak to your tour coordinator or call us on 01273 224063.


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Resort Stats

Mid February - June
Nearest airport
Flight time
4 hours 30 minutes
Direct flight
Indirect via Stockholm
Transfer time
2 hours from Kiruna
Train, shuttle bus or car hire
1,350 m
Vertical drop
1,276 ft / 389 m
Avg snowfall
5 m
Ski area
104 acres pisted / over 1 million acres off piste/heli-skiing
Ski lifts
15% advanced 64% intermediate 21% beginners