Lapland Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Deep inside the Arctic Circle, Lapland sits in Sweden’s far north, spanning the borders of Norway and Finland. Here, the Northern Lights illuminate the night skies, dancing above a snowy wilderness that’s home to the indigenous Sámi people.
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With spectacularly clear skies, the Aurora Sky Station in Abisko National Park is one of the best places in the world to experience the phenomena. Located right next to the Swedish ski resort of Björkliden, the Aurora Sky Station is close enough to visit for an evening - an absolute must if you’re on a ski holiday here.

Solar Storm Sets Off Amazing Northern Lights Show In Sweden

Duration: 1:51 min

Night Visit at Aurora Sky Station

In the evening, ride the chairlift up to the Sky Station in the Abisko National Park. This is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights in the world. There are guided tours of the Sky Station running throughout the evening.

Exclusive Dinner at Aurora Sky Station

Same as the Night Visit above, but with a special 3-course dinner influenced by Nordic cuisine beforehand.

Northern Lights Lavvu Experience

Snowshoe up to the lavvu (1.5 km from the hotel) which is far from light pollution and so allows for great view of the Northern Lights. The hut has a warming fire and the guide will tell you all about the Lights and the surrounding area.

Nightly Aurora Photo Tour

A professional photographer from Lights Over Lapland will teach you how to take the best possible photos of the Northern Lights. A high-quality camera and lens are provided. Small groups ensure you get the most out of the session.