Trondheim City Add-On


Trondheim was the Viking capital of Norway and has always been an important trading centre.
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It is no longer the capital, but retains its historic significance as the coronation place for Norway's kings and queens right through to the present day.

Today Trondheim is a thriving university town with a strong music scene and home to Norway's national museum for music. The city is characterised by its wooden buildings and wide open streets which were developed after the great fire in 1681 that destroyed many of the medieval buildings.

The city is well served with a regular shuttle bus from the airport departing every 15 minutes. A stopover in Trondheim fits particularly well with itineraries including a stay in Åre.

"Founded over 1,000 years ago, Trondheim is an ancient city, but with all the youthfulness and vibrancy of a modern university town. It's an excellent city stay addition to ski holidays in Åre, just across the border in Sweden."

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  • Nidaros Cathedral - Dating back to 1070 this is northernmost medieval cathedral in the world. The coronation place of Norwegian Kings and Queens right through to the present day.
  • Gamle Bybro - The old town bridge connecting the centre with Bakklandet (Trondheim's old quarter) and is one of the city's must see landmarks. A great spot to view the multi-coloured wooden wharf buildings lining the river Nidelva. This is a popular bar and restaurant area.
  • Trampe Bicycle Lift - The world's first and only dedicated bicycle lift. The lift runs up a steep hill from Brubakken (near Gamle Bybro bridge) to Kristiansen Fort.
  • Kristiansten Fort – The perfect vantage point to enjoy panoramas of the city. Rebuilt after the great fire of 1681.
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