Tromsø City Add-On


An oasis in the Arctic wilderness, Tromsø is a major cultural hub where you'll have a high chance of witnessing the Northern Lights, and with the sun never rising above the horizon in the heart of winter, it’s a truly magical experience.
  • Culture
  • Family Friendly
  • Honeymoons
  • Non-Ski Activities
  • Once-in-a-Lifetime
  • Off the Beaten Track
  • Quick Transfer Time

Situated 350km inside the Arctic Circle, Tromsø strikes the perfect balance between cultures old and new. It plays host to the northernmost gay pride parade plus numerous rock and food festivals. In addition to the lively nightlife, there's an abundance of dining options; from cod, halibut and red bream from the most bountiful sea in the world, to reindeer, elk and goats from the Northern Norwegian forests, mountains and plateaus, plus an equally impressive array of international cuisine.

The city also remains closely linked to the Sami reindeer herders, the Polar Park separating visitors from the wilder Arctic animals including bears, wolves, musk oxen and lynx. There are numerous options for you to indulge your inner Arctic explorer with an overnight husky sledding tour or kayak trip into one of the spectacular fjords, and of course, the chance to witness the most timeless of wonders - Tromsø experiences some of the highest levels of northern lights activity on earth.

With a very short transfer from the airport – just 15 minutes - and a direct flight to London, Tromsø is the best way to combine skiing and the northern lights without leaving Europe.

"This Arctic city is a great add-on allowing you to increase your chances of seeing the Northern Lights and enjoy a fantastic range of outdoor activities. Tromsø offers the perfect end to your holiday with plenty of attractions for couples and families alike."



  • Aurora Dinner Cruise Tromsø - a truly memorable trip taking an evening boat cruise in the calm surrounding water, leaving the light pollution behind, where you can take in the views from the deck or a heated lounge. Runing from October through to the end of March, starting at 7pm and lasting for three or four hours aboard the Aurora Explorer, the cruise is an experience in its own right even if the weather means the light show is compromised. 
  • Aurora Safari Minibus - flexible and personal Northern Lights safari by minibus with local knowledge and 15 years’ experience of finding the best places to see and photograph the Northern Lights.
  • Tromsø Cable Car - take the cable car up to Storsteinen, 420m above the city for world-class views of the cityscape and potentially the Northern Lights too.
  • Arctic Cathedral - formally known as Tromsdalen Church or Tromsøysund Church, the Arctic Cathedral is a working parish church (and as such can close at short notice for weddings and funerals) and one of the best examples of modern Norwegian design. Because of the church's distinct look and situation, it has often been called "the opera house of Norway", likening it to Sydney's iconic landmark.
  • Sami culture experience - spend the day immersed in local culture and tradition: take a reindeer sled with a Sami guide and visit their camp where you can feed the herd of around 200 reindeer. Then gather in a lavuu for a traditional hot Sami meal while you learn about their history around the campfire.
  • Tromsø Safari - a great way to experience Norwegian huskies. Tromsø Husky Farm is just 40 minutes from the city centre and you can drive your own team of dogs through the scenic landscape. Thermal suits and boots are provided to keep you warm.

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