Reykjavik City Add-On


Capital of Iceland, Reykjavik's colourful buildings, fantastic museums and funky bars are clustered into a small city that's easy to explore in a day.

With crisp air and a snowy mountain backdrop, it's a fitting addition to a ski holiday. A free stopover option when travelling to Denver with Icelandair, spending a night here can be cheaper than flying direct to the US - you'll also get ski baggage included in the cost of your flight. And, with affordable accommodation and tours, making the most of your time in Reykjavik won't break the bank.

Just outside the city, the country's natural wonders await. From spouting geysers and ancient volcanoes to humpback whales and geothermal spas, it's surprisingly easy to pack a lot in with well-organised excursions and excellent guides - just ask our team to book this ahead for you.

Another thing that really makes a Reykjavik stopover stand out is the Northern Lights. Seeing this mesmerising display dance across the night sky is a truly phenomenal experience - we can't recommend an evening excursion enough.

"A free stopover option for Colorado ski holidays, Iceland is a no-brainer if you’re flying into Denver. Add up to seven nights to explore this fascinating country and its natural beauties."

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Northern Lights - See this natural phenomenon take shape before your eyes on a guided coach tour.

Blue Lagoon - Relax in the steamy, mineral-rich waters of this geothermal spa.

Reykjavik Grand Excursion - Explore the city with a three hour guided coach and walking tour.

Winter whale watching - Spot humpbacks, killer whales and white-beaked dolphins on this 3-4 hour sea adventure.

Golden Circle Tour - A classic tour that visits erupting geysers and mighty waterfalls as you tour through volcanic and glaciated landscapes.

See our Reykjavik Excursions Guide for more Iceland excursions and activities.

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