Heli-skiing & Cat-skiing

With heli-skiing, the helicopter ride is a thrill in itself and will have your heart pounding with excitement. Cat-skiing is a little less exciting but this is made up by the fact you get more skiing done in a day. If you have never heli-skied or cat-skied before then it has to be done at least once in your ski career - in fact once experienced you will definitely want to do it again.

Heli-skiing and cat-skiing can either be done on daily basis whilst you are staying in a ski resort - or on a multi-day basis whilst staying in a heli-ski or cat-ski operators’ accommodation, whether that be lodge, hotel or boat! Daily heli-skiing or cat-skiing sessions are a fantastic introduction. However, it is very much an introduction and if you want to experience heli-skiing and cat skiing as it should be, we recommend booking a multi-day package.

Below you can see our selected heli-ski and cat-skiing options. These we have either skied ourselves, or know personal contacts that have - this experience and knowledge helps us advise you on the best option for you.