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Vicky and Vincent in Geilo at Half Term

Go Geilo - five reasons to visit at half term

26th February 2013 - Vicky Bamford

I spent my winter seasons in France staying well away from the slopes during half term, watching the ant-farms crawling from a safe distance! But now, as mum to a five year old, I have no choice. Last week I ventured with my son, Vincent, to Geilo, Norway for the half term holiday with my sisters...

Sheila & Sandra Snowmobiling in Norway

A snapshot of Norway

23rd December 2012 - Sheila Martin

I'm sold on Norway following my trip to sample three of our resorts there at the beginning of this month... Norway is a new and exciting Ski Safari destination this season and Sandra and I were fortunate enough to visit three out of our five resorts there early in December - Geilo, Hemsedal and...

Iceland Stopover - Dre & Queenie

A truly remarkable Iceland stopover!

13th December 2012 - Andrea Selig

Adding Iceland to our programme in the form of a stopover to the US was a new and exciting venture for Ski Safari this season. And of course somebody had to make the sacrifice and go out there for a bit of research – a task Victoria and myself bravely volunteered for. OK who am I kidding? It was a...