Getting Set for the Arctic Powder and Ski-Touring Group Trip

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This Sunday, I'll be joining Ski Safari founder, Richard, in Sweden for our Arctic Powder & Ski-Touring Experience. With departure imminent, I thought it was time I dusted off my ski-touring kit and checked it all still works (and, more importantly, to remind myself how to use it!).

We'll be staying north of the Arctic Circle in the resort of Riksgränsen, which serves as the most incredible base to access a huge expanse of wild terrain. I've been lucky enough to have visited the area a couple of times before, staying in both Riksgränsen and Björkliden, and am super-excited to be going back.

Vicky Splitboarding Riksgränsen

Reaping the rewards of the hike-up

Quite apart from having heli-skiing terrain the size of the Netherlands, there are other ways to access the very best of the powder which are every bit as rewarding, whether it's by snowcat, snowmobile, or simply by putting skins on the bottom of your skis and hiking to it. So, on to my kit, which I haven't used since 2017...

Essentially this is a trip for skiers but, although I love both skiing and snowboarding, my skills in powder on skis are not up to scratch, so my touring kit is actually a splitboard. Here goes for the transition from touring to riding:

Splitboard Touring Set Up

Touring set-up...

Splitboard Riding Set-Up

... to riding set-up

Of course, for the skiers out there it's a bit less faff - just the skins and a clip on your bindings!

We're looking forward to some of the same kind of fun as on previous visits and some new experiences too. The possibilities are many:

Vicky Snowmobiling Björkliden

Snowmobiling to access touring terrain in Björkliden

We'll be keeping you updated on our adventures next week on Instagram and Facebook. For those of you who are joining us on the trip, see you in Riksgränsen!

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