Family Ski Holidays


Ski Beach

Skiing as a family is an enormously rewarding experience. It is one of the few activities a family can do all together and watching your children learn, grow in confidence and eventually overtake you on the slopes is a real joy.

It is also a holiday suitable for kids of all ages. Children at ski school will enjoy learning a new activity in a fun-filled environment, whilst older children can enjoy a degree of independence and do their own thing for part of the day. Best of all, parents get time together while the kids are occupied!

At Ski Safari a number of us ski as a family each year so we offer first-hand advice on the travel and accommodation options that work best for families, ski schools, eating out etc.

"We had travelled with Ski Safari a couple of times before having children, each time the service and advice had been excellent. Since having children we have sometimes discovered that the company you have used before children is no longer able to deal with your needs once you are travelling as a family. Not so Ski Safari, they were able to provide advice and service to us as a family this year equally as high as we had experienced as a couple. Thank you, we had our best family ski holiday to date as a result."
Steve and Fiona Mc Nicol