Tara Rogers

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Marketing Manager
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Skier or snowboarder


Favourite Ski Safari

The Utah & Las Vegas Ski Safari is one of our most popular multi-centres, and after experiencing it in March 2014 it's now my hands-down favourite too.

Best mountain moment

The sign you don't want to see your way up a lift, alone and as a new-ish skier is "Advanced Intermediate/Expert Skiers only - NO WAY DOWN". That was my experience towards the top of the Empire Express, Deer Valley. I learned that day that to progress you've got to push outside your comfort zone.

Ski/ boarding history

Three seasons

Resorts visited in 15/16
Next trip

I'd love to ski Aspen with a pit stop in NYC on the way home for a spot of shopping and art.

Interesting fact

I’ve sailed the Atlantic and Indian Ocean on a super yacht. Your first-ever crossing of the equator is marked with an old sea-dog tradition; you're sworn to secrecy about what happened so I can't reveal the details. What can can say is thank goodness I never have to do it again!

Top ski trip recommendation

On your first ski holiday, borrow as much kit as you can before you invest in your own. It’ll take you time to decide what you feel comfortable in. If you’re a beginner take lessons in the morning and put into practice what you've learnt in the afternoon without the safety net of an instructor.