Kevin Kunz

Kevin Kunz

Sales Consultant

Skier or snowboarder

Both, but more of a snowboarder.

Favourite Ski Safari

I would choose the Yellowstone Ski Safari because Jackson Hole and Big Sky offer some of the world's steepest and deepest accessible terrain in a fantastic setting. When your legs can’t take any more riding, sit back and relax on a journey around the jaw-dropping Yellowstone National Park. What’s not to like??

Best mountain moment

Watching the sunrise over Milan from 3030 metres after a night sleeping in the Brittannia Hütte (Saas Fee) then being the first person of the winter to drop beneath the Allalin Glacier edge and ride down to Mattmark reservoir. EPIC!

Ski/ boarding history

Skiing 35 years and snowboarding for 25 years. 10 seasons. Snowboard and ski instructor for Swiss Ski School.

Resorts visited in 17/18

Myrkdalen, Norway and Whistler, Canada.

Next trip

Myrkdalen, Norway

Interesting fact

I may have been “Snowli”, the swiss ski school mascot who is a giant alien rabbit with epic skiing skills and a penchant for mischief. Don’t tell anyone he’s not real, it’s a secret.

Top ski trip recommendation

Anywhere, just get involved. I do love Switzerland though.