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Kenji Matsuzawa

Japan Country Manager

Skier or snowboarder

Skier, but sometimes snowboarding and telemark skiing as well.

Favourite Ski Safari

Hokkaido Explorer Ski Safari - not because I grew up in Hokkaido, but because you can experience the deepest powder snow of your life!

Best mountain moment

Skiing in Asahidake with a local professional backcountry guide. I lived just one hour away from Asahidake at the time but never thought there was a powder heaven within such a short distance.

Ski/ boarding history

Started skiing properly when I joined a ski race club in secondary school (very late for local Sapporo kids). I was a part-time ski instructor for five winters in New Zealand and more than 15 winters in Japan. I still join a ski race at least once a year!

Interesting fact

I am a British qualified teacher having taught in New Zealand for four years, however, I have not done any teaching in Japan as I am not a Japanese qualified teacher! I am also a Canadian qualified mountain bike instructor. What should I go for next?

Top ski trip recommendation

Use an experienced local guide if you would like to experience the best powder day of your life. The guide does not only ensure your safety in a backcountry environment but will also take you to the best powder pitch.

Latest posts from Kenji Matsuzawa

Niseko Hanazono Powder Day - 29 December 2017
16th January 2018
Just A Typical Afternoon in Niseko
After not checking the slopes for more than a week, I spent the afternoon in Niseko Hanazono on 29 December 2017.
Kenji Cat-Skiing in Niseko
11th January 2018
Cat-Skiing in Niseko
Out of the many ways to explore Niseko's backcountry, one of the most fun is cat-skiing. I spent a day each with two of the most popular operations - Niseko Weiss Powder Cats and The House of Powder - to get to know how they differ so we can recommend the best option to our customers.