Kathleen Lang

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Tour Coordinator
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Skier or snowboarder

Skier - but I would like to give boarding a go once I’ve honed my ski skills.

Favourite Ski Safari

... and only thus far, Whistler and Vancouver. I was utterly spoilt with my first ski safari, visiting one of the most revered ski resorts in the world. That coupled with staying in Vancouver - fantastic.

Best mountain moment

Whistler on a bluebird day- just beautiful!

Ski/ boarding history

Having only skied in resort twice before, plus an indoor slope I’m still finding my feet. I’ve got a long way to go yet and generally enjoy a more chilled slope, that being said I am up for a challenge!

Resorts visited in 17/18


Next trip

Watch this Space, although I would love to do something like San Francisco - Heavenly - Las Vegas.

Interesting fact

I’ve swum with the endangered Pink River Dolphin in the Bolivian Amazon.

Top ski trip recommendation

Book some lessons. A great way to build confidence and improve your skills, as well as getting some tips and insider knowledge of the local area.