Ben Corke

Ben Corke
Marketing Executive
01273 244065
Skier or snowboarder


Ski/ boarding history

Before joining Ski Safari I’d never put on a pair of skis, but I’ve now had a few lessons and can’t get enough!

Interesting fact

My first love is cycling and a large portion of my time is spent working with Freedom Treks, however since I’ve joined the team here I’ve found my loyalties have become more split! I actually think that both activities lend a lot to each other; cycling in the summer keeps me fit and on my toes for the ski season.

Next trip

In January I am heading to Norway and Sweden to ski one of our most popular resorts Trysil and discover our new resort of Stöten, then in March I’m going to North America for the first time to explore Whistler. I’ve heard so many great things about the resort from everyone in the office that I knew that I had to try it!