South Korea

Nozawa Onsen, Japan

Go East, (not quite so) young man!

23rd December 2015 - Richard Rice

Having ‘gone west’ as a young man and skied all over Canada and the USA, I was keen to see what ‘the east’ had to offer a now slightly older young man and my family! In early 2015 I travelled with my wife and our two kids through China, South Korea and Japan, not just to ski, but to ski where we...

Andrea and Rich in South Korea

7 things you didn’t know about skiing in South Korea

7th August 2014 - Andrea Selig

In keeping with Ski Safari's pioneering spirit and our aim to bring UK skiers new and interesting ski holiday experiences, a trip to South Korea is about so much more than just the skiing! With an emerging ski scene and host to the Winter Olympics in 2018, South Korea is a fascinating cultural...