Over 10 Metres of Snow in the USA

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Last season we didn't report on resorts reaching 10 metres of snowfall until 18 March. This season eight of our American resorts hit that total in February.

California continues to top the snowfall charts, with most resorts already planning to stay open longer this season, while resorts in Wyoming, Oregon and Utah have also had an epic amount of snow.

Read on to find out which American resorts have had over 10 metres of snow so far this season.

Squaw Valley, California - 1461 cm

In North Lake Tahoe, Squaw Valley has already far surpassed the 11 metre season average and there's still plenty of snow to come. When the resort received an incredible 20 metres in 2010/11, the total had only reached 11 metres by the end of February, with another nine falling from March to June. It's no surprise then that Squaw is staying open right through to 4 July. Yes, you can ski in California this summer.

The constant snowfall has meant that the mountain operations team has had to clear snow every day in February...

Squaw Valley 20 February 2017 Photo by Will Paden, Director of Avalanche Control
Photo: Will Paden, Director of Avalanche Control, 20 February 2017

... but the conditions between storms have been nothing short of spectacular.

Squaw Valley 27 February 2017
Squaw Valley, 27 February 2017

Northstar, California - 1425 cm

In nearby Northstar it's a similar story, over 14 metres of snow and regular snow clearing. 91 cm fell on 22 February, which amazingly isn't even the highest single day snowfall this season!

In that week of February, 239 cm fell in total, which kept some roads and parts of the resort shut. But as you can see, the slopes have been pristine when open.

Northstar, 27 February 2017
Northstar, 27 February 2017

Heavenly, California - 1412 cm

South of Lake Tahoe, Heavenly is the third resort to reach 14 metres. After 81 cm in seven days, the sun has been shining over the past few days and the snowpack is a giant 333 cm.

Heavenly, 27 February 2017
The huge snow bank at the top of the Comet chair, 27 February 2017
Heavenly, 23 February 2017
Low visibility but deep snow mid-storm, 23 February 2017
Heavenly, 22 February 2017
The calm between the storms, 22 February 2017

Mammoth, California - 1300 cm

After more than six metres in January and four metres in February, Mammoth is heading into a week of sunshine - which the resort is better known for. Where else would they be digging their lifts out in t-shirts?

Mammoth Mountain. 23 February 2017 - Chair 14 Buried
Mammoth Cat Crew Director, Greg Sorenson, has been "digging for victory" all season

Jackson Hole, Wyoming - 1255 cm

By 22 February, Jackson Hole had already received its highest every February snowfall (and deepest February snowpack) and it has continued to snow since then. Jackson Hole has already broken plenty of records this season, and could be on track to have the deepest season ever.

Forrest Jillson in Jackson Hole, 22 February 2017
Jackson Hole athlete Forrest Jillson, 22 February 2017

Mt Bachelor, Oregon - 1118 cm

Mt Bachelor awoke to its third consecutive day of fresh snow yesterday morning, so February ended with a powder-fest (over three metres in total). The unique Oregon resort always featured high on our snow blogs last season and this year is no different.

Mt Bachelor after 22 cm in 24 hours, 27 February 2017
Mt Bachelor after 22 cm in 24 hours, 27 February 2017

Solitude, Utah - 1118 cm

Solitude is now only 150 cm off the 12.7 metre average, so barring a peculiar late season drought the resort should comfortably exceed it. The resort was USA Product Manager James Rivers' secret spot for perfect powder and no lift queues when living in Utah, and is well worth a visit if staying in Park City or Deer Valley - especially on days like this:

Snowbird, Utah - 1097 cm

Working at Snowbird for over thirty years, Rick May knows a good day when he sees one, and described the other day as the '10th best day he's ever skied here.' Comments on Snowbird's Facebook page back this up - "easily one of the best, deepest days all season" - as a 90 cm storm ended up dumping 127 inches.

Snowbird in the midst of a 50 inch storm, 25 February 2017 © Jay Dash Photography
Snowbird in the midst of the storm, 25 February 2017. Photo: Jay Dash Photography

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