Waffles, waterfalls and the ways of the reindeer people

Kathryn Bouch

We prefer to visit resorts during the winter months, but when adding a new resort to our programme that’s not always possible - and it’s important we have first-hand knowledge of the area! So Sam, Andy and I headed to Vemdalen in July to refresh our knowledge and experience of the resort.

Quiet Open Roads

Much like the ski resorts themselves, you won’t be pushed for space in Sweden summer or winter and the scenery is stunning.

Andy Driving to Vemdalen

Andy behind the wheel with a typically scenic view

Traditional Accommodation

The Hovde Hotel is built in the style of the Harjedalen area (local county). Located in the heart of Vemdalsskalet village on the main square, this hotel is the hub of the village and is just 100m from the slopes and ski school. The Sports Bar doubles up as the hotel’s restaurant for the included breakfast and you can also take an evening meal here too if you choose.

Reindeer Herd Hovde Hotel

The perfectly amicable reindeer outside the Hovde Hotel

The bar is one of the places to head to for a bit of family friendly après and the open terrace is a great place for watching the world go by. It also makes a shady refuge for the local reindeer during the hot summer months!

Fantastic Swedish Food and Drink

There is a selection of cosy cafés and bars here, each one offering the same exceptional service which is reflected across the whole resort. In fact it’s this service that has secured the highest customer return rate of anywhere in Sweden. The locals have been skiing here since the 1930's and 85% of visitors to Vemdalen are regular guests.

Waffle Hut Vemdalen

Torrvallen Cafe

We tested both local waffles and Swedish craft beers whilst in the area - both were very tasty!

Waffles and Whale Tail

Heart-shaped waffles and The Tail of a Whale wheat ale

Nature at its Best

There are five waterfalls in the area all in beautiful settings reached through mountain birch forests, past abandoned settlements and pastures, and if you fancy a break from skiing you can take a guided hike to take in the view. In winter these waterfalls freeze over, so they will look very different although no less spectacular. You can also try ice-climbing up one.

Waterfall near Vemdalen

One of the many beautiful waterfalls in the area

Sami - The Reindeer People

The Sami are indigenous people who have lived in the northern areas here since the stone age. They have been sidelined over time, losing their land although not their identity. More recently their importance has been re-established and in an effort to keep hold of and communicate their rich heritage, Vemdalen is introducing Sameland for the first time this winter. Located at Björnrike, you can meet reindeer and feed them with lichen and learn about the Sami people.

Sameland Hut in Vemdalen

Traditional Sami dwelling

Two traditional Sami dwellings have been built - one where you can eat lunch or have coffee and a cake (the Swedish fika) and one with an exhibition of the history of the Sami. There’s also a playhouse for kids to learn about how the Sami live today.

And What About the Skiing?

Ski holidays in Vemdalen are snow sure and family friendly, with three distinct ski areas that add a sense of adventure. Top for convenience, the slopes are within just 100m of the hotel. A ski bus runs between the areas of Björnrike, Vemdalsskalet and Klövsjö/Storhogna for easy access and your pass covers all three. Sam and Andy check out the lift queue and if their position is anything to go by, the amount of snow expected will not disappoint!

Vemdalen Lift Queue

Andy and Sam showing just how high the snow usually reaches (photo taken at 11pm!)

How Much?

A 7 night ski holiday staying at the 4* Fallmoran Apartments in Vemdalen starts from £515 per person based on 2 adults.

Call our Scandinavia ski specialists on 01273 224068 or request a quotation online.

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