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This week we celebrated a decade of dedication in the shape of Rupert Hatfield’s 10 years’ service at Ski Safari. The occasion was marked with a glass of fizz and as a thank you, The Boss treated Rupert to a rather lovely espresso machine, which will become a permanent fixture of the new house that he recently bought with his lovely wife Debs.

Asked how he felt about his ten year anniversary of joining the company, Rupert said, “You get more for murder.” We secretly know Rupert has loved every minute of his time at Ski Safari. We stole five minutes with him for a celebratory Q&A.

When you first joined, did you think you’d be celebrating ten years a decade later?

Not at all! But it's a hard gig to leave. I've made so many lifelong friends scattered across the mountains of North America.

Tell us about your baseball cap collection...

The Canadians and Americans are famous for their love of ‘The Cap’. I too adopted that same affection and at one stage I had one for pretty much every major resort in North America. However, for some reason, when the girlfriend (now wife) moved in they took second place in my life! I still have a few of my favourites stashed away. Just don't tell Debs…

Most embarrassing thing to happen at work?

Compared to The Boss, the number of ski days I was able to notch up used to be painfully embarrassing!

Worst mountain injury?

Erm, I put a hand down in 2010 and broke a nail! Although in all seriousness, I snapped my ACL on the dance floor a few years back. And they say skiing is dangerous!

And to finish up, we know there must've been heaps, but what's been your best mountain moment?

Oh, there are many. Heli-skiing in Whistler comes to mind as the best day ever on snow.

Rupert celebrates 10 years of service at Ski Safari. Congratulations Rupe!

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